Cabel Automazione Srl designs and produces electrical panels for the main industrial sectors such as Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Food, Fashion, Shipbuilding, Energy Production, Transport and for all industrial process control systems.

The wirings are made using materials suitable for the project specifications. Particular attention is paid to the interior layout respecting the regulations and the customer specifications for the subdivision of the circuits or the numbering of the wires and components and finally, The construction and wiring of the panels is divided into various phases that guarantee perfect compliance with the project documents.


Cabel Automazione SRL was founded as a division of Cabel Impianti Elettrici , a company specialized in the construction of electrical systems at civil, industrial and wiring level on the machine, Cabel Automazione SRL specializes in the sector surveyed by the other company or the realization of electrical power and automation panels.


Analyzing the data and characteristics of the electrical components of the machinery, the sizing of the materials to be used is chosen by fulfilling all safety standards and using the best products on the market.


The internal wiring and the numbering of wires and components complies with the standards and specifications of the customer and every phase of construction or wiring is subjected to strict compliance control with respect to the original project.


Cabel Automazione SRL Designs and develops software for the various industrial automation systems and panels on Siemens, Schneider, Allen Bradley, Ge Intelligent PLCs as well as the dedicated supervision software.


Once the electrical and functional tests have been carried out, the relative documentation is produced and, where required, the plant’s use and maintenance manual.

Automation and Power Panels


CAB.EL Automazione

Via Pirandello 10 – 52022 – Loc. Cetinale Cavriglia (AR)

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Via Pirandello 10 – 52022 – Loc. Cetinale Cavriglia (AR)

Tel. 055/0749068


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